Our strengths

Our strengths


Single market Positioning

Since its creation in 1996, our unique positioning: 100% subcontracting, guaranteeing our customers the long-term preservation of their interests.

Sustainable Business Model

Our multi-generational family structure ensures the sustainability of our business model.

Instant access to your information

Our web portal gives you immediate answers to all your questions whenever and wherever you want.

Storage solution

Valetiq has almost 3,000 pallet spaces. This allows us to keep a substantial stock of raw materials and also to store your finished products free of charge for on-call orders.

Geographical location

Located in the north of France, we are ideally placed to source the French, Belgian, Dutch, German and English markets.

Tailored Product Training

We can provide the keys to understanding the world of self-adhesive labels, both on our site and at our customers’ premises.


ISO 9001 certified by TUV since 2013

FSC® certified by Ecocert since 2024


We are a member of the Union Nationale des Fabricants d’Etiquettes Adhésives